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Debug Innovations is a private British company with 20 years experience of electronics and software development for embedded products.  We work on the hardware/software divide with a system wide view producing optimum solutions to cutting edge problems.  We pioneered multi-TAP JTAG debug and multi-processor ARM debugging.  We can help you with JTAG and TAP controller issues, help you design non-standard on-chip debug IP blocks, help you write software drivers for your hardware and related peripherals and help you with Flash programming etc.  Above all we help you produce better products in less time with less risk.  The combination of our expertise and your guidance can enable novel solutions and improved products in less time.

Debug Innovations' personnel previously worked for ARM at the UK headquarters in Cambridge, England designing ARM's Multi-ICE JTAG debug system and had architectural input to the design of the on-chip debug blocks of recent ARM cores including ARM10, ARM11 and Intel's XScale (which is ARM based). We have strong links with ARM's current personnel and are fully up to speed on new ARM developments.

We are now able to offer services which were not possible as ARM employees such as connecting Multi-ICE to non-ARM processors and designing and evaluating competitive systems.


These are some of the companies who have benefited from our extensive experience... Silicon debug and system design

bulletIntel, Phoenix for XScale debug architecture and first Silicon bring-up
bulletST, Grenoble for provision of debug IP blocks, driver software and verification services
bulletAtmel, Marseille for AT91 on-chip debug and ICE development
bulletNokia, London and Finland for multi-core and DSP debug
bulletNortel, Ottawa for multi-processor Silicon bring-up issues
bulletNeonetworks, Minneapolis for high performance debug in a large multi-processor array
bulletBrooktree/Rockwell/Conexant, Austin for multi-processor debug and graphics chip debug drivers
bullet Magneti Marelli for engine management Silicon bring-up and running system debug
bulletBanksys, Brussels for debug drivers used with secure credit card readers
bullet Siemens, Erlangen for ARM10 debug and Silicon bring-up issues ICE design

bulletPhilips/VLSI, Sophia and Phoenix for VSD, VSD II and on-chip debug logic
bullet HP (Agilent), Colorado Springs for the Processor Probe (ICE)
bulletEPI, Milpitas CA for JEENI and MAJIC ICEs
bulletLauterbach, Germany for the Trace32 product (ICE)
bullet Ashling, Limerick for their range of emulators
bulletYokogawa, Tokyo for their Advice ICEs and associated equipment debug device drivers

bulletSony Computer Entertainment, Tokyo for debug consultancy and utility software for games development
bulletST, Grenoble for connection of Multi-ICE to ST100 DSP
bulletST, Detroit for automotive debug and flash programming via Multi-ICE software development tools

bulletMicrosoft, Redmond for VC++ connection to Multi-ICE
bulletMathworks, Germany for Simulink connection to ARMulator
bulletWindRiver for Tornado debug connection to Multi-ICE