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Debug Innovations' primary focus is the design and use of on-chip debug systems for complex embedded designs and the necessary external hardware and software to make effective use of available on-chip resources. We specialise in developing ARM based devices and have unrivalled experience with single and multi-processor ARM designs and JTAG debugging.

Debugging embedded designs is becoming an increasingly specialist activity and the risks and rewards are larger than ever.  With Silicon NRE charges heading for $1M and lead times approaching 6 months, it has never been more important to get your design right first time.  The ability to connect a debugger to your device on the day it arrives and assess its level of functionality in a timely fashion can make or break a project.  Debug Innovations has unrivalled experience in both pre-tapeout verification and Silicon bring-up activities.

Choosing and understanding the tools you use is critical to reducing the total debugging time spent on a project.  The move to on-chip debug, multiple processor designs and increasing system complexity means that as much as 80% of the total engineering time on a project can be spent finding and fixing hardware and software problems.  Having the right debug strategy for a system is at least as important as good fault finding techniques.  The personnel at Debug Innovations are experts in using and designing debug tools having designed ARM's Multi-ICE system and been advisors to Intel and Microsoft on debug hardware and software respectively.  Nobody has more experience of debugging new ARM based ASICs.  Between 1996 and 2002, all ARM's new cores have been powered up and had their debug software drivers written by Debug Innovations' personnel.

Typical examples of services we provide are:

bulletPre-tapeout debug logic health check / verification
bulletFirst Silicon bring-up and debugger connection to broken devices / debugging Silicon design problems
bulletSpecialist help on ICE design, JTAG issues, efficiency and performance
bulletWriting / advising on debug driver software for CPUs, DSPs, Flash, FPGA, specialist hardware etc. via JTAG
bulletDebug related project management and architectural guidance for Silicon and software design teams
bulletProviding ARM and debug related training

For some examples of previous work see Company Info.

To find out what Debug Innovations can do for your project, email us at with a brief description of your project and how you think we can help.