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Welcome to Debug Innovations

Debug Innovations specializes in providing products and services that help engineers build cutting edge systems and debug complex problems.  We also have unrivalled experience of ARM processors and ARM based system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

From prototyping to on-chip debug, Debug Innovations has the tools and experience to keep your project on track.

Mataki System: Light weight radio GPS tracking for animals.

More information can be found here.

New Product: Turbo TCK Synchronizer for synthesizable ARM cores.

The standard ARM TCK synchronizer design has a significant performance impact at low CPU clock speeds (<100MHz).

Debug Innovations Turbo TCK Synchronizer is a 100% compatible replacement for the standard ARM design with up to three times the performance of the standard design (see graph).

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Prototyping Products


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We also provide a full set of consultancy services for JTAG, ARM and debug related hardware and software.  If you think that on-chip debug is a black art, you've come to the right place.

Any experienced engineer will tell you that a working debug system is the difference between trying to guess the contents of a closed book and being able to open it and look for yourself. 



... or Know?


Reliable debug is critical to the success of your project


Ever heard the phrase "Right first time, On time, Every time" and wondered what practical steps you can take to achieve it?

Ever had to re-spin a chip just to allow you to look more closely at another problem?

Reliable debug is critical to the success of your project.


Don't risk half a million dollars and an extra 4-6 months on your project schedule.  Get your Silicon right first time with Debug Innovations' proven expertise.

Don't leave it to chance - Find out today how you can reduce the risk to your schedule with our services.

Debug Innovations is a founder and board member of ECAS.


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