The GPS tracking solution from Debug Innovations Ltd.


The Mataki system is designed to track birds and other animals using GPS. A 'tag' device with a unique ID number is attached to each animal and the tracking information collected by the tags is sent to a base station over a radio link. The base station data can then be uploaded to a PC and logs for each tag separated out. The radio link means there is no need to re-capture the animals to recover the data.

Two types of tag are available from Debug Innovations - a Mataki-Classic which weighs around 10g and a Mataki-Lite which weighs around 3.5g. Both types use the same radio system and can be deployed at the same time and share a single base station. Radio frequencies can be changed for use in Europe or the USA.

Mataki-Lite tags are fully scriptable using a version of the BASIC language to support techniques such as geo-fencing.

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