Features extra sensors and can be used as a base station

Mataki-Classic tags are the largest tags in the Mataki range. They weigh approximately 10g excluding a battery and can act as both a tracker and a basic base station. In addition to a GPS and radio, they also have a temperature and a barometric pressure sensor from which altitude can be calculated and a 3 axis accelerometer.

Unlike Mataki-Lite, Mataki-Classic tags do not support user-written tracker scripts. Instead, the GPS, Radio and Accelerometer sample rates are controlled with user settings, whereas temperature, pressure, light level and battery voltage are sampled at the same time as GPS fixes are taken. This means the possible behaviours for the tag are less complex than with Mataki-Lite.

When used as a tracker, the tag can upload its log data to either another Mataki-Classic acting as a base station or to a Pi-Base base station.

When acting as a base station, logs are collected from nearby tags and stored as a cumulative log, which can then be read using a support board connected to a PC. The cumulative log can then be split into individual logs for each tag using a utility program called the log converter.

  • Latest Firmware: V5.4.4
  • Size: 44 x 21.75mm
  • Weight: approx. 10g
  • Radio Base Freqeuncy: 868MHz (Europe)/916MHz (USA)
  • Max. transmit power (at antenna): 10mW (+10dBm)
  • Battery (not supplied): 3.6V Lithium-Ion
  • Log capacity: 932066*
  • Features:
    • Battery voltage sensor
    • GPS position
    • Light sensor
    • Accelerometer
    • Temperature/Pressure Sensor

  • Current Consumption (typical):**
    • Sleeping: 30µA
    • GPS Module: 26mA**
    • Radio: 19mA***

* V5 and V5.1 PCBs have half the log capacity (466032 entries)

** During acquisition, tracking current is ~20mA; PA6B GPS on PCBs prior to V5.3 takes ~48mA(Acq), 37mA(Trk)

*** When receiving