Mataki Support Board

For connecting Mataki tags to a PC

The Mataki support board is designed to connect Mataki tags to a PC.

A support board can be used to:

  • Change the tag settings
  • Read the tag's log
  • Develop and test Mataki-Lite scripts
  • Re-program the tag's firmware
  • Test the tag hardware
  • Charge tag batteries

It is compatible with Mataki-Classic V5+ and Mataki-Lite V1.0+.

  • Features:
    • Serial interface for tag interaction*
    • 3.8V power - for powering tags and charging tag batteries
    • 10 Debug LEDs
    • 14-way JTAG programming header for firmware updates**

* FTDI Serial to USB cable provided

** The JTAG connector is directly compatible with the MSP430 programmer used for Mataki-Classic. To program the ARM on Mataki-Lite requires an adaptor which is supplied with the board. See the Mataki-Classic and Mataki-Lite Programming Guides for detailed instructions.